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Do educate yourself regarding Copyright.
Do not link directly to my designs. You must save all images to your own hard drive. Bandwidth theft is a crime. If you are a WebTV user, you may learn to transload images by visiting this site.
Please do not add my graphics to any collections, or claim them as your own work. My designs are NOT to be redistributed in any form without my consent. This includes stationary and gifts to others.
Do not alter my designs (except to add text to blank buttons or headers).
My designs are created as "sets". Do not mix and match them.
You may not use the graphics I have used for my website. Commercial and personal websites may purchase or license complete sets.
My graphics/designs may NOT be used by individuals developing web sites for others for financial gain whether from the site itself or from the web page developing service.
Please e-mail me if you elect to download a linkware set. You should include the URL where the graphics will be used so I may visit your site.
Sites exhibiting hate, bigotry or pornography in any form may NOT use my sets. I will be the sole judge of whether a site meets these guidelines.
For sets that require a link back to Merrick Graphics & Designs, you must use the coordinated buttons provided with each set, or one of the buttons provided below.

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